Focus on forensic accounting means I will be in high demand, says Maroba from Botswana

Maroba Toko -  accounting student

Maroba Toko from Botswana is studying BA (Hon) Forensic Accounting.

I am an internal auditor. This means I regularly deal with special investigative fraud, challenges caused by complexities of financial transactions and litigation issues faced by the public sector.

This is a very good course as it will enable me to proactively provide both forensic services and audit services that prevent and mitigate the future risk of fraud.

Yes, the course is demanding and challenging, but after completing it, I will be in high demand.

What's more, I will be recognised as an expert witness in most financial disputes, proving or disproving issues.

I have been very impressed by the quality of the curriculum on my course. It presents the very latest concepts and theories from the industry.

It also includes ACCA modules, which means that when I finish the degree, I will receive an exemption from ACCA.