Industry links got me a graduate gaming job

Rhys Jones, who graduated with first class honours from the BA (Hons) Game Art degree, is a 3d artist with Swansea-based XD Studios. 

"The world of video games is exhilarating, fun, and extremely competitive, but as a first rung on the ladder to success, I’d personally recommend this course!

It gave me the broad depth of knowledge, deep insight into software and skills and the confidence to succeed.

It also provided me with the correct mental conditioning needed on day-to-day basis. In this industry, you need to have competence, skill and perseverance to get the job done well and on time.

I came to the course with a strong traditional art background and was rather afraid of the digital aspect, but with the tutors’ support and guidance, grasping the digital medium was much easier than I first thought.

The games industry is extremely competitive and fast paced, and the staff and tutors were always making us aware of companies and opportunities to undertake work placements. 

This really paid off as having the contacts within the industry enabled me to get my role with XD studios.

The best experience of Uni was the teaching. The lecturers took someone like me who wasn’t familiar with the software and technical aspects of gaming, and helped me gain the level of degree that ultimately won me this job.

I was always interested in video games and had a passion for animation and art. I just wanted to be able to walk into a shop and say: "Yeah I made that", or be able to buy something I had made, and it’s thanks to them that I can now say that."