Graduate: Brian Byrne is a VFX artist for Climax Studios

USW_GameArt - work by Brian Byrne

Brian Byrne is a VFX artist for Climax Studios, and works on high-end console games, mobile applications, AR and VR devices.

"The Game Art course taught me all I know about video game art and design and provided me with the skills and expertise to not only have a general skill-set in the field of video game design but also to specialise within the visual effects area of video game design. This has led to my current job as a VFX artist in one of the biggest game studios in the UK," he said.

"Everything - from the experience and teachings from the lecturers to the structure of the course and the coursework involved - was designed to help anyone who was willing to put in the work to succeed. This Game Art course was invaluable for not just the teaching of the subject matter but the formation of the discipline and focus that is currently required in the ever-changing and fast paced world of the video game industry."