Siddharth Ravindran had no previous knowledge of 3D art design

Siddharth Ravindran studied BA (Hons) Game Art at USW without any prior knowledge to 3D art design. Naturally, he worried that this would put him at a disadvantage, however, Siddharth explains how lecturer support and flexibility helped him develop from a beginner to an expert.

"Studying Game Art allowed me to learn and develop my 3D art skill. The course also provided resources and help which allowed my skills to grow to industry standards.

I came into the course with no 3D art knowledge. I thought my lack of 3D knowledge could be a disadvantage but this course was tailored for beginners in 3D. The lecturers provided great help and resources which allowed everyone in the course to be good at 3D art and set-up up a strong foundation. The course is very flexible which allowed me to branch off and learn various disciplines within Game Art.

The lecturers and the course provide such a high standard of 3D art practices which helped my Artwork to be industry standard and attracted the attention of people in the industry which allowed me to land a job in the Games industry very quickly.

The course also consists of many group projects which encourage teamwork and provides industry-standard practice for working in a game studio.

Overall, this course provides all necessary training and resources for a beginner 3D Artist to grow to an industry-standard artist. Anyone willing to put in the work will reap many benefits from this course and get in the games industry very quickly."

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