History can offer many different opportunities

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Adam Doughton graduated this summer with first class Honours in History. He also won the History Prize for the ‘Best Overall Performance by a Final Year Student’ and ‘Best Undergraduate Dissertation in History’.

Why history?
History is the subject I am most passionate about and it’s a subject that can offer many different opportunities in the future. I chose this University because of the wide range of topics it covers. Each year we were given options of modules to study. These ranged from ‘Science and Magic in Early Modern Europe’ to ‘Espionage and Oppression in the Cold War’, so you can home in on particular areas of interest to you.

The award-winning dissertation
My dissertation allowed me to compare how Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany were portrayed in Britain during the 1930s. Due to the focus on primary research, I was able to visit archives and work independently, which was a great experience. The lecturers also organize an excellent trip to Germany at the end of the second year to visit places of historical significance.

A dissertation is also a great opportunity to work alongside an internationally recognised researcher. I was able to work alongside Dr Norry LaPorte, who is an expert in European communism. He was always available to give support and guidance.

What next?
The course has certainly prepared me for a career in education. It is perfect for students aiming to pursue a PGCE, as it covers all the subjects taught at KS3 and KS4 History. During the second and third years, students can take a work-based learning module to gain experience as part of their degree. I chose to work in a secondary school teaching history, which gave me an insight into what is required of a secondary school teacher.

Final thoughts?
I would definitely encourage anyone considering a history degree to study at the University of South Wales. Both the course and the lecturers make for an excellent and rewarding experience.