Eleanor's Experience at GoCompare enhanced her passion for HR

Second-year Human Resource Management student, Eleanor Boulton, recently undertook a 10-week internship with GoCompare as part of her degree. Below she talks about her internship and why she loves studying HR.

“Coming back into the second year of University we were given a choice of 80 internships to apply for. I was keen to apply for GoCompare as it’s such a recognised business that looked a great company to work for and so I'm grateful for the fantastic experience I had there. They arranged for me to come and meet everyone before the internship began which helped me to settle in and I felt like a member of the team since day one. 

I have always had an interest in HR since learning about it in College. I found that you can relate everything to past experiences and had a great time studying the subject. My colleagues at GoCompare were so friendly and everyone would make an effort to say hello even if it’s just when passing by the tea point. They also made sure that the work I was doing aligned with what I had been studying at University and got me involved in some interesting projects.

Throughout my 10 weeks there wasn't a single day that I wasn't excited to go to work, I have loved every minute of it. We filmed a video for International Women’s Day where we took pictures of everybody in the office doing the equal sign which was a great project to work on. We were also able to help the Taff’s Well community during the flooding which is something I will always carry with me; it was so heart-warming to see how we all worked together during such a tragic time.

Doing an internship has helped boost my confidence to no end and I have gained experience that I can carry with me for life. To anyone that wants to have a career in HR, I would say some important qualities you must have are sympathy, the ability to work well with other people and confidence to make decisions.

The skills I have learned during my internship are transferable which enables me to apply my experience to many jobs, opening up so many opportunities for me. Having said this, my experience at GoCompare has proven to me that HR is the career path I would love to go down and I can't wait to see what the future holds.”

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