"USW feels more people-focused than other universities I visited.”

Kian Griffiths

Kian, a dedicated HR student, opted for USW due to its people-centric approach and its convenient locale. "USW is my local university, and as a stay-at-home student, it made the most sense to me. Especially as the university feels more people-focused than other universities I visited.” His decision to graduate in HR stemmed from his desire to establish a future career within the industry, a path he found more appealing than other business-based degrees.

Kian relished the broad foundational knowledge the course provided. "We touch on large ideas such as work's effect on society, politics, economics, etc., and how that all affects the workplace and the people within them.” This is done to ensure students are prepared for HR careers in multiple fields, equipped with a wide understanding of the context that drives their role.

Throughout the course, Kian honed a range of skills essential for employability, including critical thinking and time management. Reflecting on these skills, he says, "I learned how to work within an organisation, do interviews, and apply for jobs, which will be valuable when I leave the course." Kian also mastered the Microsoft Office Suite and various design software, an ability he acknowledges as important due to the "many essays, reports, and presentations to complete."

Kian’s industry engagement was boosted by his work experience at Connect Assist and guest lectures from HR professionals, which offered excellent networking opportunities. He reflects on his placement saying, "I had incredibly rewarding work experience with Connect Assist, where I learned a lot and made some good connections." Kian aspires to further his studies with a master’s degree and envisions a future HR role, leveraging the skills he has developed throughout his academic journey.

When asked about advice for prospective students, Kian is adamant about the importance of discipline and time management of tasks. "The main advice I would give is to do the work, it is not always easy, but it is worth it. Read the academic work, do the tasks, and put effort into it. Also, learn how to time manage quickly, and do not leave assignments late, as that causes unnecessary stress and will probably limit the quality of your work."