Kamila's first year project, An Illustrated Journey

Kamila Krol is studying the BA (Hons) Illustration and tells us the thinking behind her first year project ‘An Illustrated Journey’



“The Illustrated Journey series is my interpretation of the morning walk from my home to the university. I created a character, which is my alter ego with pink hair, and put her in a world where fantasy blends into everyday life.


I was looking at the examples of magical realism in art and literature and decided to create a similar atmosphere. That's why the colours on these illustrations aren't very realistic. It's the world of dreams in which the giant eye in the sky is watching the main character, and the puddle transforms into a lake which has to be crossed in a boat. There are a group of small ghosts which follow the girl, and these are inspired by characters from my favourite magical stories, such as the Moomins by Tove Jansson and Mononoke Hime, an animation by Studio Ghibli.


My love for illustration comes from my love for telling stories. I've always been fascinated by beautiful books and I'd love to design them one day. I discovered that illustration gives me the feeling of freedom and unlimited possibilities for different techniques and styles. I'm trying to develop my own artistic language and personalise my art. 


I chose to study Illustration at the University of South Wales for the great facilities and the appealing and professional course plan. I like the fact that it offers a large amount of diverse artistic courses and really interesting extracurricular activities.


I have worked on several university projects already, my favourites include illustrating a chosen phobia and creating a spring poster for the Royal Horticultural Society. Besides this I'm creating private artworks, such as illustrations for my friend's short story, and commissions, including pattern designs for swimwear and pictures for a chinese learning book."