Profile: Lecturer Heddus Davies

Heddus Interior Design

Lecturer Heddus Davies recalls two memorable and very different projects from her work as an interior architectural design consultant.

One of my first experiences as a junior designer was working on the fit out of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Among the areas we were asked to design were the players’ changing rooms. This meant having to measure the shoulder width of a Welsh rugby player to ensure that the changing space we designed was the right size for them!

I was also given the responsibility of choosing the evoking text that was inscribed around the concourses for the opening of the 1999 World Cup. To be given free reign to come up with the concept and graphic treatment was a dream come true. Two of the lines I chose were: 'In every country a hero is bred!' and 'The red dragon leads the way'.

At the other end of the spectrum was the project to restore the Grade-II-listed Llanyrafon Manor, Cwmbran and regenerate it into a Rural Heritage Centre.

As an interior architect, having the chance to give this derelict building, steeped in 400 years of history, a new lease of was wonderful and extremely rewarding. I especially enjoyed working with the community group involved with saving the Manor house.