Laura and Georgia landed Graduate Designer positions at Interaction

Laura Stephens and Georgia Salter-Randall are graduating from the University having secured Graduate Designer roles at Interaction, following the successful work placements they undertook in the third year, of their studies. 

Laura Stephens

“I’m so excited to be finishing my four-year placement course, with first-class honours. I had an amazing time at USW and gained many opportunities and connections.

Soon, I’ll be starting a new role as a graduate designer working for Interaction in Bath. It’s a commercial design and build company, specialising in commercial offices and workplaces in the South West of England. My job role is influential in designing and creating inspirational workplaces tailored to specific people, brands, cultures, purpose and environments.

I completed my one-year sandwich placement with Interaction. The experience I gained enabled me to grow as a designer, learn from professionals in the field and to showcase my talents to the company. It led to them then offering me a full-time job following my degree and sponsoring me during my final year. 

I’m looking forward to working alongside so many talented professionals. They will help me to grow in the profession and understand the industry further. The culture of the working environment and the companies we get to work alongside is fantastic. Already, I’ve had the opportunity to design offices for Netflix, Freebourne Media and BBFC.

We worked with Interaction on one of our university projects in the second year. Also, on the course, I gained an understanding of computer software such as CAD, which allowed me to jump straight into designing when I joined Interaction. In my new role, I’ll be using software such as CAD, Revit and 3DS Max to create working drawing packages for on-site, design projects within budgets and to challenge a client’s brief to maximise the full potential of the space or unit.

While studying at university, I set up two companies in my spare time. Urban Frame is a wedding signage and stationery company, and House of Botanee specialises in hand-painted plant pots. I hope to continue these ventures alongside my new job role.”

Georgia Salter-Randell

“Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, my final year at university ended entirely different from how I imagined. It felt strange having finished the assignment alone in my bedroom, with just my laptop. It an incredible achievement to have pushed through an unexpected event while completing my studies. I’m looking forward to graduation day (whenever that may be), to celebrate with my course friends and lecturers.

My course has prepared me for life in the industry. Almost every submission project I worked on has been a real project with real clients. Also, our course has great alumni who are always involved with the course and the students. There are Shuffle Events held once a term to bring the Interior Design industry and USW Interior Design students together.

Having finished the course, I’ll be working at Interaction as a Graduate Designer. In this role, I would usually be given an empty floor plate from the client, to design everything from the position of the rooms and tea points, to the fabrics and finishes on everything. It’s an incredible feeling when you stand in the real-life version of a space you've envisioned for so long.

I’m proud of myself for getting this role. Interaction was a company I'd aspired to work at from my very first year on the course. I was fortunate to have obtained a placement year there. They are a great company to work for and, after four months of working from home, I look forward to being with my colleagues again to bring to life a shared vision.”