My name is Alan, I ride to save lives

3 Personnel Perspective Alan is one of a series of short films created by final year Media Production students for the charity Blood Bikes Wales.

This documentary-style film focuses on Alan, a Blood Bike volunteer who joined the charity after losing his daughter to cancer.

Media Production student Ashley Richards, 21, from Bridgend, said: “I enjoyed the experience of working on a live brief. We really wanted to produce something personal, as well as positive and inspirational, that Blood Bikes Wales could use to promote their charity and we really pushed ourselves as knew it would be used wider than just for our University course."

Rhys Moore, 22, from Risca, said: "Working on this project as live brief with Blood Bikes Wales made it a lot more interesting. Usually you are producing something for your lecturers, but for this we were producing a film for a real client who had a specific brief with certain criteria that we had to hit.

I researched a lot of charity films and picked ideas up along the way. Using that research, together with my film knowledge, I worked with my team to produce a film that will hopefully capture the audience’s attention and ultimately encourage them to donate to or volunteer for the charity.”