Guest lecturer Adam Biddle gives students his advice

Adam Biddle Music Business Guest Lecture

Adam Biddle has been at the forefront of social media launching the first ever-social agency for celebrities, theAudience. He is now Managing Director at Edition, a digital and creative agency, owned by Vice Media, with clients including Lily Allen, The BBC and Dynamo. Adam talks to us about his experience in the industry and at USW. 

Your guest lecture is one of the highlights of the year for our Music Business students. Can you tell us more about your talk and why you feel passionate about talking to and inspiring students?
I really like talking to students because it's where my career started, I think investing in students is essential as they are the future and I think that it's where great models and great business is going to be achieved at uni where culture is very high. 
What advice would you give students looking at working in this industry?
My advice would be three things: One is dedication; Two is to read everything and anything you think is relevant. My third point is to network and meet people. Really talk to people. 
What opportunities do you think there are for students looking to get into the music industry from a business perspective?
There are a lot of opportunities but there is also a lot of people who want to get into it as well. I think the key thing is not to look where everyone else is looking, so maybe don't look at major labels all the time, look for smaller independents, management companies potentially even other things that aren't necessarily directly music related, like agencies, creative agencies, places like that. There are quite a lot of job boards as well that look for people who are into music and also just ask! find your favourite company and just ask. 
What are the current and future trends in the music industry from your perspective that students should be aware of?  
In terms of trends, I think the most important thing is to just to understand culture. Trend is such a buzzword. Trends will constantly change, if you understand and immerse yourself in culture, you will naturally be and move with the trend. One current trend is how video is changing how everyone communicates, so is the music video as essential as it was back 10 years ago? Probably not. What does that mean? Other questions are how bands should be marketed to; how growing an audience is essential, Stormzy being a great case example of that.

You had a USW student working with you recently – can you tell us more about what they’ve been doing?
I did an internship where a student came in and helped work on creating content for celebrities, so coming up with post ideas with how to launch a tour, how to sell music through social media and how to write copy on behalf of an artist as well. So giving someone the opportunity to look and work on social media with an artist.
What has been your experience of USW and our students?
My experience has been fantastic. Students are very good and ask great questions.