Graduates set up Artist Management Company

Bordr Management - Music Business

BORDR Management is an artist management company set up by USW Music Business graduates Chloe Willats-Barrie, Tamara Paine, Constanza Rivera and Magda Jedrzedjewska. 

“BORDR Management first started out as our final year major project. Since then, we have continued to develop our company as we are passionate about music, business, and female empowerment within these sectors. 

We currently manage five UK artists - Natty Paynter, Lead Coloured River, Andy Merritt, Niterooms and Dan Burton. We are always looking for new artists to take on board though.

Our highlight so far has been having Andy Merritt perform at 2000 Trees Festival in 2018. Also, Lead Coloured River are releasing their first EP and Music Video with us very soon which is exciting.  

During the Music Business course, we learnt many entreprenurial skills in connection with the music industry, such as setting up live events for our acts, contract developing, management and social media, all of which we use to this date. Since we created a business plan for our company during the major final project at University, we have been able to use this and improve our business through helpful templates and charts which were brought to our attention during the final project.

Our future plan for BORDR Management is to expand further into the UK, such as London, and grow globally into other countries! We will also be starting a YouTube channel for those interested in learning more about new artists and the music industry.”