You can be well connected to the local industry, very quickly


USW Music Business graduate, Constanza Rivera, now works as a Digital Account Specialist for Sony Music Entertainment.

Constanza explains how the degree helped her develop relevant skills, open new doors and give her the tools to chase her aspirations:

You have to do a little bit of everything

The Music Business course is incredibly well structured and well-rounded - you really get to learn about every side of the music industry, both inside and outside of the classroom.

It allows you to focus on what you’re most passionate about and really work at it while knowing how to conduct yourself in most other areas of the business.

As a professional now, I’ve found that young people working in music pretty much have to do a little bit of everything, and I can definitely do that thanks to the course.

The lecturers are always very accessible and supportive and if you want and have the drive to do so, you can be very well connected in the local industry, very quickly.

It pushed me outside of my comfort zone

The great thing about the guest lecturers was that there was something for everyone, I learned about things which I may have not pursued as a specialization but the knowledge has been useful along the way.

It was quite rewarding to run into some of the speakers at conferences and industry events and be able to tell them how their talks helped me get to where I am now.

BORDR was one of the biggest learning experiences of my career so far, it was a complete ‘DIY’ in every sense of the word.

I had to learn everything from the legal aspects of setting up a business and sit in the studio for days, to help take songs to their highest potential and launch digital campaigns.

It pushed me outside of my comfort zone because, as a manager, you can't be shy - you have to be out there in front of everyone to find the best opportunities for your artists and that was something I found hard, to begin with.

It led me to make great connections in and out of Cardiff and understand what working with musicians really entails. The skills I learned while working with BORDR still come in handy every day.

It was a very gratifying experience

Joining the Natwest accelerator program was a very eye-opening experience.

We just wanted to work with our artists and have fun, put music out, throw gigs, hustle and try to get them somewhere.

Natwest forced us to focus on the fact that we were a business and we had to act like business owners.

They gave us all kinds of support, office space, a mentor that taught us a lot about major labels, and the ability to connect very easily with other business owners from all industries who we learned a lot from. It gave us structure as a company, which we really needed.

It was a very gratifying experience.

Passion is the most important thing

If you're thinking of studying on one of the music degrees at USW - go for it but do so with passion, that’s the most important thing.

People who don’t live and breathe music never end up working in the industry - that's just how it is.

Do this if you know you want it bad, otherwise, there’s no point.

USW and the Music Business course, in particular, give you a lot of freedom. Use it.

You’re never going to get a job in the music industry by just sitting in the classroom and graduating with a first. You have to be out there at the gigs, at the showcases, at the festivals, at the guest lectures, at the conferences.

You have to hustle. That’s how you get into the music business because it really is about who you know.

It won’t be an easy ride but it will be the most one of your life!