Graduate Kyran Davies's film A Monster & Me

Kyran Davies graduated in 2012 from BA (Hons) Performance and Media.

“A Monster & Me is a short film that I wrote which embodied elements from some of my biggest influences in cinema such as Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson and Hayao Miyazaki. It’s the story of 11-year-old Henry who goes on an adventure with his imaginary monster friend to discover his grandfathers long lost treasure.

The film includes three cast members and six crew and cost just £1000 to make. I saved up money after I left Uni to make the film by working in a cinema and freelancing at the BBC as a runner/assistant director.

At the BBC I’ve worked on Casualty, Dr Who and various other programmes and films based in Cardiff. It is very long hours and a lot of hard work but a brilliant way to learn about all the different roles on set, to build up experience and meet new people.

I’m now working on my latest short film, Sunnyside which I’m currently launching on the festival circuit at the moment.”