Clara discusses her time on the Performance and Media course

Clara Schmitt-Gallasch

Clara Schmitt-Gallasch is from Potsdam, Germany and is studying the BA (Hons) Performance and Media course at the Cardiff Campus.

"I chose Performance and Media because it offers both acting/performing and the technical side of filmmaking. I aspire to enter the TV/film industry either as an actress, writer, director or maybe even as an editor. The combination of performance and media allows me to pursue both sides of the industry. The course is more than just about film, TV and radio - it broadens your horizons in ways that make it possible to have a new perspective and new ideas about the industry and how you make work.

The course allows for a better understanding of the different roles involved in creating a piece of performance. As an actor, you learn what the director needs from you and how best to work with the camera. As a director, you garner a better understanding of how to communicate your vision clearly to the actors you are directing. It's a really beneficial way for people like me to find out what they want to do in the future and which profession will suit them best.

The lecturers are all very interesting, passionate people and I enjoy the broadness of the course. We also have guest lectures with people who currently work in the industry. Being able to have a coversation with these people and listening to their experiences and wisdom is very advantageous to students. We have a lot of practical work (which I enjoy) and there are multiple opportunities to volunteer or help other students with projects and collaborations.

I'm very excited about a module that I am currently doing, called 'Media and Performance Technologies'. Our remit is to produce a short film and a radio drama and I've always been interested in radio. My favourite module so far has been 'Perspectives on Performance'. I really enjoyed the passionate discussions that we had as a class (most of the passion coming from Geraint, one of our lecturers) about a variety of performance-related topics.

Cardiff Campus is also a great place to study. I've used the library, which I love (friendly staff and a great selection, especially the DVDs). There's the Advice Zone which is also really helpful with any student or course-related queries that you may have. I was also involved in the international welcome programme and have made many friends and got to see some amazing places in Wales."