Bute Park photography project

In Spring 2017, first year students on the BA (Hons) Photography course at the University of South Wales spent 6 weeks developing photographic responses to the social, cultural, historical and natural environment of Bute Park, Cardiff. Run in collaboration with the Bute Park Education Centre, this project was an opportunity for each student to see the park with fresh eyes in order to express their emerging visual identity and give voice to their personal or political concerns, using a broad range of research skills and techniques learned so far in their studies at USW.

Collaborative in nature, this project asked individual students to engage with others, and to consider their role, responsibility and ethical position as image-makers in relation to the wider social and environmental context of the park. The project culminates with this online publication showcasing the best of the students’ work.  The diversity of the responses testifies to the singularity of the students’ approach and the richness of the park as a cultural environment. Let us walk you through the Lungs of the City, where tranquillity turns to disturbance, life leads to decay and day bleeds into night…

More information and images of the BA (Hons) Photography Lungs of the City project can be viewed here.