How to prepare for your Music audition


 "Many people ask how they should deal with music auditions," says Damon Minchella, course leader for the Popular and Commercial Music degree. "Here are my tips for preparing and performing."

Top tips for how to prepare:

  • Make sure to read all the information you have been sent; you don’t want to turn up unprepared.
  • Pay particular attention to preparing the piece/s of music. Make sure that it is within your abilities to perform well as nerves can make a simple piece harder to play for some people. As a guideline, an audition piece should be no longer than two minutes of one piece.
  • Practice it!
  • Be professional at all times. Being a musician is about more than how you are on stage or in the studio. Knowing how to present yourself and engage with people is an important skill to learn.

Top tips for auditioning: 

  • Relax: In Higher Education, auditions are a two way process; you are evaluating the course, and the course is evaluating you. The important thing is that you show potential and enthusiasm; the lecturers and course content will help you achieve that.
  • Listen and respond: If you are given a suggestion or corrections listen carefully to the advice and apply it. University is a place to learn new approaches and be challenged.
Discuss: Be ready to talk about music and why you want a career in the music industry - in Higher Education you are encouraged to be an independent thinker.
  • Ask questions: if there is anything you are unsure of or want to know, just ask. The only silly question is the one you didn’t ask.