For the record

James Music

Popular Music student James talks about the group project that fired his love for recording.

We were set a collaborative group project. Two groups had five members each; each group would produce a song, and also record a song.

Songs could be written by a single member or by the group. Fortunately for me, one of my songs was chosen to be produced and recorded.

We sat down with the producers (the group that were to record us) and discussed the song in terms of structure, extra parts and overall style and genre.

Both sets of producers were in charge of researching similar songs and production styles, in order to replicate these during recording.

Once all the research was conducted, we had to make plans: these included what order we were recording parts in, who needed to be at the studio at specific times and days, what equipment and microphones were needed, even down to the level of suggested mic placements for the recording style we were attempting to replicate.

It was really useful to be on both ends of the project (recording and recorded).

The opportunity to record my song with the group was very rewarding. I was required to record the lead vocal as well as bass and some guitar.

It was a great learning experience. The project developed my communication, problem solving and organisational skills. I learnt the importance of being confident and taking control, even in an unfamiliar situation and with people I didn't know.

But above all, I really enjoyed producing and recording music, and I am now taking on some recording projects outside of term time as a part time job.