Immersed! Festival at USW

Immersed! Festival is a unique music festival that is curated, planned and executed by USW Popular and Commercial Music students.

The students programme, promote and manage the event, as well as perform themselves alongside the best of upcoming Cardiff musical talent and established headline artists.

Headliners for USW's Immersed! Festival have included multi-platinum, award-winning artist and former Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft and co-frontman of The Libertines, Pete Doherty.

Running alongside the festival is the daytime educational Immersed! Conference and Symposium, organised in collaboration with the Music Managers Forum and USW Popular Music Professor Paul Carr.

The Immersed! Conference presents three showcases about creating, collaborating and completing music.

These are not lectures, but audience participant exhibitions from industry professionals that get straight to the heart of music-making.

Featuring a range of expert speakers, the Symposium looks into popular music education in Wales and the challenges this small but talented country faces.

Wales has a unique landscape culturally, politically, linguistically and, of course, musically. Previous panels have discussed how popular music education can ensure this country fulfils it’s potential as a musical powerhouse.