Meet the lecturer: Dr Paul Carr


Dr Paul Carr teaches on the music courses at USW.

"My recent work has included a major West End show and a track on the latest album by The Chemical Brothers.

I have always considered that versatility is the key to a long standing career in the music industry - and hope that my experiences can help our students get a realistic perspective of how to sustain a living in a competitive industry. 

Although I was born in the North East of England, I moved to London soon after leaving music college, and was soon working as a gigging guitarist - in particularly in the jazz scene.

After earning my living as a freelance player for a number of years, and working with artists such as The James Taylor Quartet and ex Miles Davis sideman Bob Berg - I decided to diversify my career by moving into education.

Over the last 20 years I have been lucky enough to teach loads of really talented students and move into areas of academic research I never dreamed of - such as editing a recent book on Frank Zappa.

I have also managed to work as a consultant for The Welsh Music Foundation, the Higher Education Academy, EDEXEL and WJEC.

Perhaps my most interesting form of consultancy has been my work as a forensic musicologist.

Although much of the work I have done is confidential, the work basically involves getting involved in copyright infringement cases - usually for Major publishing and record companies - and attempting to scientifically prove the ways in which the copyright laws have been broken."