Interview tips for our Sports Journalism course

Megan Wigley-Jones Radio

If you've been invited for an interview for our BA (Hons) Sports Journalism course, here are some tips that will help:


  • Research the course and the university by looking at the website. If possible also attend an Open Day
  • Research major sports stories by actively watching/listening/readin
  • Consider what stories are not currently being told and bring your ideas to the interview
  • Select two pieces of written sports journalism which you think represents good storytelling. Make two copies of each and bring them with you. You will be asked to discuss them, ie what you liked about them, why they represent good journalism, whether there is anything missing from the story and how you might develop it if you were doing a follow-up
  • Check the referees on your application form are current, relevant and still happy to be contacted

Prepare for common questions such as

  • Why have you chosen Sports Journalism as a subject?
  • Why have you applied for this course at the University of South Wales?
  • What do you think makes a good sports journalist?
  • Which aspects of the subject and which sports are you most passionate about?
  • Who is your favourite sports journalist and why?
  • Which newspapers, websites, programmes do you go to for your sports news and why?
  • Do you currently do any writing or content creation which is relevant to sports journalism? (If not, why not?)

On the day the interview panel will look for the following:

  • An understanding of what sports journalism is and what the requirements of the course are. This is important because the practical experience you undertake on the course requires considerable commitment.
  • Skills: what do you have and what will you need to develop? You'll need some examples of meeting deadlines, finding stories, being ideas-driven.
  • Communication: both in how you speak and how you present your ideas. It will be far easier to come across well if you already have work to show, so consider starting your own WordPress website or blog.
  • Passion: Sport is synonymous with passion. You need to understand its importance in the culture of our communities because that's where your audience will come from.
  • Commitment: Are you prepared for the challenge of a degree course? Are you willing to work outside your comfort zone and put in the hours needed to build a strong brand for yourself?
  • Awareness: What is your knowledge of the industry like, both in terms of journalism and the related areas of public relations, marketing, social media etc?