Students manage year-round sport website as part of the course

Course Image - MA Leadership in Sport.jpg

ExpoSport is a live website dedicated to the Sports Journalism degree. Students from the course will work on content for the website. Students will have the opportunity to feature news, interviews and insights into sport at USW and beyond. Exposport will be overseen by Sports Journalism course leader, Delme Parfitt.

"We know competition in sports journalism is fierce and one of the things I want our students to be able to do from the word go is recognise the importance of maintaining standards," explained Delme.

"You stand out for the right or the wrong reasons in this industry, so students need to demonstrate accuracy, reliability, punctuality, being able to secure interviews, flair for telling a story, and the creativity to package that story appropriately across a range of platforms. These take time and practice to develop, and the website will allow students an opportunity to do that. We'll be encouraging them to have their own platforms as well, to really utilise the opportunities to build a brand for themselves as people who understand sport, have a passion for it, and have the skills to make them employable."