Yat Fung's award-winning student film

Spheres is a film produced by BA (Hons) Visual Effects and Motion Graphics student Yat Fung Leung, for his final major project for the second year.

This film won two awards for Best Short Feature and Best Production Design during the RTS Wales Centre Student Awards. It was also screened at the Encounters Film Festival 2017.

The spheres. They have been around since before our time. We don’t know what they are. We don’t know if they’re living, or inanimate.We don’t know if they’re man-made or natural. They’re just float above our society, high and mighty. 

”I always wanted to twist the Sci-fi genre into a more ambiguous, thought-provoking film, and so decided to create a metaphorical piece, whilst still grounding the characters for the audience. It was a challenging project, but I think resulted in a ‘other-worldly’ yet relatable story.” said Yat Fung.

“I managed to utilise my trip back to Hong Kong in order to film in more industrial locations, in contrast to the places in Cardiff. It was a challenging task because I envisioned a lot of match cuts and since the two characters were halfway around the world, I needed to plan all the shots prior so I would not miss a single matching shot. It was also challenging to create it as a more cinematic piece, due to the shift in focus and moving cameras, it was difficult to track the CG spheres into the shots.” he added.

“In the end, I’m really proud of the outcome. My ambition is to be a film director, creating films that are visually compelling and thought-provoking. After developing my skills and creativity as a filmmaker, I hope to work on short feature films as I love the process from beginning to end."