9 Placement Facts and Tips

Hannah Jones, youth and community

Hannah Jones is the placement co-ordinator for the Youth and Community degree programme, and also teaches on the course. A qualified youth worker since 2001, she has worked for various local authorities in different roles, including working with young carers and as a schools-based youth worker delivering alternative curriculum provisions. 

"A third of USW's youth course is practice based," says Hannah. "This means you have hands-on experience of working with young people. You also have a professional supervisor to offer you guidance on a one -to-one basis. 

Placements are an amazing opportunity for you to build networks in the professional world."

6 popular placements


Top 3 placement tips

  • My advice is to do a different placement every year. Throw yourself into it and make the most of every opportunity you have. 
  • Absorb everything you can from your professional supervisor and learn from them so that you can develop as a practitioner.
  • The course is what you make it. Come in with an open mind, stay focussed, don’t make barriers for yourself, seek support when you need it and you will see yourself develop and grow.