My African Adventure

Jenny Roach Youth

Jenny Roach is a student on the BA (Hons) Youth and Community Work course. Jenny spent the Summer of 2014 in Kenya.

"The Youth and Community Work course demands that students undertake a related placement in all three years of the degree. This placement module is what has really brought university and learning to life for me, and again has not only developed and challenged me but has opened up some incredible opportunities; things I never thought would be possible, especially for me.  Each year I have pushed myself to try something different in order to develop my practice and this has expanded to taking my work to an international level.

Not only have I completed some exciting projects across Eastern Europe, my final placement has taken me to Kenya to complete four of the most life changing months I have ever experienced. Kenya is an amazing country and having the opportunity and ability to compare culture, practice and social policy differences has pushed me to become more innovative, knowledgeable, empathetic and humble; challenging and developing my views towards practice.

I have had the absolute privilege to share part of this incredible experience with 55 young people from Newport, helping me to cement and implement the learning I have gained back in the UK alongside the knowledge obtained here in Kenya; empowering others through shared experience. Before I started my degree I knew I wanted to be a youth worker, but following all the hard work and opportunities taken I now know that I want to continue my career as a youth worker in the field of international development."

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