Theodor is on a work placement at Ford Motor Company

Theodor Engineering

Theodor Panainte studies Beng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering and is currently completing a year-long placement with Ford Motor Company before returning to study his final year in September.

“For me, choosing to study aeronautical engineering was a relatively easy decision - when I asked myself “What would be the one thing in this world for which I would enjoy doing for the next half a century?”, there was only one logical answer. Thinking back, I’ve come to realise that unmatched employability prospects coupled with the breadth the engineering discipline provides also played a part in my decision, but that just proves I’ve made the correct decision.

The highlights of the Aeronautical Engineering Course are, by far, the Design and Manufacturing and Aircraft Design modules. This is quite simply because they best teach and equip you with the correct skills for any work you will be carrying out during employment as an engineer which include: working in a team environment where every person is a subject matter expert for a particular system , the aim being to liaise and successfully merge separate entities into a flawless end product, not to mention the challenges of planning, timing, management, cost, manufacturing, marketing and testing.

Ford Motor Company offered me a placement opportunity after a fairly rigorous vetting process which included mathematical, verbal and inductive and deductive reasoning questions as well as a telephone interview and assessment centre.

For the 12 month period I am spending on placement, I am working in the Program Management department within Commercial Vehicles (CV) which provides overview and direction for commercial vehicle programs globally. It is a breathtakingly interesting position to be in due to its high profile and exposure to all aspects of business within a multinational corporation, be it engineering, finance, timing, planning, cost management or product launching, to mention but a few.

My opinion has always been that doing a placement is invaluable for your career, both from an academic and employability point of view. Having spent four months with Ford Motor Company, I am convinced that obtaining a placement should be a priority for all students, not only for the experience and knowledge gained, but also for their future employability prospects.”