Meet the UK course leader: Ilias Lappas

Ilias Lappas - Aeronautical Engineering, course leader

UK Course leader Ilias Lappas is a Chartered aeronautical engineer, and aerospace and defence professional.

An elected Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and recipient of the 2014 NATO Scientific Achievement Award, Ilias’ research interests include flight mechanics, flight testing and Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) topics.

"I believe there is no person on earth who is not fascinated by flight and its underpinning science.

Achieving sustainable flight has been, throughout the centuries, the ultimate dream of the humanity.

It has paved the way for an endless pursuit of intellectual excellence and developmental engineering ethos, fueled by the desire to travel faster and higher.

Imagine how easy is for a little kid to get fascinated when growing up in Greece - considered the cradle of aviation - being taught at school the myth of Daedalus and Icarus and watching, on a daily basis, fighter jets flying over his village. That kid was me in the 80s!

The aerospace industry is currently booming, with projected deliveries of 40,000 new passenger aircraft over the next 20 years to satisfy the projected air transportation demand. As such, an aeronautical engineering degree is a 'first class' ticket to a global, exciting and rewarding career.

Achieving a degree in Aeronautical Engineering enables graduates to find employment across the whole spectrum of the development of an aircraft, starting from the aircraft conceptual design and moving on to further development and optimisation, manufacture, systems integration, production, testing, certification, airworthiness and aircraft sustained operations.

Our accredited Aeronautical Engineering program is based on the successful Design-Built-Test-Fly philosophy which culminates with a real flight test exercise in year three.

This approach guarantees that the course is industrial relevant and our students are equipped with the right skill set to make a difference in their chosen career paths at the aerospace industry."