MEng students win international award

MENg Aeronautical Engineering students ames Shipway, Dragos Sovar, Brownen Hadden and Ilias Lappas

A team of MEng Aeronautical Engineering students has won the 'Best Presentation Award' at the IT FLIES USA Aircraft design, flying and handling qualities competition, in Ohio, USA.

The point of the competition is to design an aircraft that is able to fly. All entries are 'flown' and assessed by experienced Test Pilots on one of Merlin's Engineering Flight Simulators

James Shipway, Brownen Hadden, Dragos Sovar travelled to Dayton, Ohio with their lecturer Ilias Lappas to compete against other university teams from around the world.

The students entered their MENg group project, a concept for a blended wing body (BWB) cargo aircraft, based on the widely successful Airbus A320.

Dragos Sovar said: "We were fortunate to be able to test our design on the Merlin Flight Simulator at the University, which really helped."

"I think the competition will show potential employers that we truly are passionate about the work we carry out."

"The feedback we received from the test pilot about the handling qualities of our design will help greatly with its improvement and design validation," Bronwen added.

"Traveling to a different part of the world and meeting other enthusiastic people were the best parts of the experience. My confidence and skills have developed as a result."

During their stay, the group also got to visit the National Museum of the US Airforce, the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world.