Moving to the UK from Malaysia

Daniella Binti Siril Engineering

Daniella Binti Siril is from Malaysia and studies BEng (Hons) Aeronautical Engineering.

“I chose this course because I was very interested in designing planes. There's more to just designing though, and at South Wales, I was allowed us to use the Simulator anytime I need to or even just for the fun of it.

I guess the main highlight of my course was when we were asked to work in groups to design a civil aircraft during our second year and also tested if our design parameters would allow our aircraft to take off - and it did (phew!).

I plan to stay in the UK after graduation and I am currently applying for jobs. I hope I can get into Airbus or GE where I'll be able to work around engines, because I find it as quite an interesting subject. Even if I have to return to Malaysia for work, the opportunities for me back home is good as the need for aeronautical graduates are slowly blooming.

Moving to UK from Malaysia has been a wonderful experience for me. I do get homesick at times, but the friends I have in Uni help me overcome this. I will definitely miss the people I've come to know, the environment and culture here in UK when I leave.”