Variety of topics covered in Automotive Engineering is "truly remarkable"

Sian Edwards_50169

Student Sian Edwards talks about the invaluable experiences she encountered while studying BEng Automotive Engineering.

As a mature student studying Automotive Engineering at USW, I decided to attend this University to delve deeper into my love for cars and engineering. I find the Automotive Engineering course aligns perfectly with my personal interest and natural aptitude for all things engineering. I also appreciate the vast array of topics the course covers; it's truly remarkable.

I can't understate the impact of my lecturers' extensive industry experience on my approach to learning. I have had the opportunity to take part in a range of field trips. I gained priceless insights into practical sensor applications and vehicle dynamics during a trip to the Donnington Park racetrack, and a visit to the Mini factory in Oxford allowed me a captivating glimpse into the realm of vehicle manufacturing.

Throughout my course, I've developed skills in a range of software and equipment, including working with oscilloscopes and a comprehensive vehicle electronics training board. During my final year project, I had the opportunity to use and develop an autonomous-ready remote-controlled car. These skills and knowledge I've gained not only enhance my employability but also prime me for a future role in R&D automotive engineering.

My experience at USW has been incredibly positive, with special thanks to the support from the Careers Service and the camaraderie in the automotive labs, which I found to be extremely welcoming, open and friendly. As I look forward to finishing my course, my advice to anyone considering this field is that with the world moving towards electric and autonomous vehicles – now is an exceptional time to consider entering the automotive sector; this course is a great place to start.