How to write a personal statement for Civil Engineering

Angharad Wrigley - Civil Engineering

What to include

Whatever subject you choose at University, you need to be really interested in it – otherwise you are unlikely to put the work in to succeed. Think about how you can demonstrate a strong interest in civil engineering in your personal statement.

Talk about any extra-curricular activities, trips or visits that have helped you develop or have given you an interest in civil engineering.

You may have developed a lot due to involvement with guiding, scouting, cadets or similar. You may have had an opportunity to attend Engineering Taster days or take part in engineering competitions while at school.

What to avoid

Be careful not to make general comments that could apply to anyone, such as “I am a good communicator”, without backing them up. You could say something like: “I am a good communicator and I was part of my school debate team that won a national competition last year.” Remember to always give evidence, preferably relevant to the subject.