I love how applicable the theory is to real-life situations

Civil Engineering - Blessing

Ngozi Blessing Orji-Chukwu is a Civil Engineering student who is about to start her work placement with JUBB. She talks about her experience on the course, providing an insight into the practical exercises she’s undertaken, which have helped prepare her for her placement role.

What is it about civil engineering that you love?

I love the curiosity every day presents. The precision and detail that goes into constructing even the tiniest structures are exciting to learn and understand. I love how applicable the theory is to real-life situations. It’s a continuous learning experience.

Tell us about the field exercise you recently undertook on campus.

While blended learning, I undertook a surveying field exercise on campus. Three activities were completed over two days. The first one was ‘setting out piles’, the second activity was ‘traversing’, and the last one was ‘levelling’. Setting out piles and traversing was carried out using an instrument known as the total station. Calculations were completed before the field exercise and were used as a guide to setting out correctly. Levelling, on the other hand, was done using an instrument known as the theodolite.

What has been your favourite civil engineering module, and why?

The Engineering Surveying and Highways design module has been the most enjoyable. Especially the highway design aspect. The careful planning and calculations that go into every detail of the highway, pavement and drainage design appeal to me.

What has been the best thing about studying at USW?

The open-door policy is the best thing about studying at USW. Every member of staff I’ve come across genuinely has an interest in helping to ensure my learning experience is as smooth as possible. The well-being of every student is a priority.

Where will you be going on work placement?

For my work placement, I'll be based at a construction firm called JUBB. I'll be starting as an Industrial Placement Engineer at the Cardiff office. My role will involve working closely with the civil team and shadowing the engineers to gain as much knowledge from them as I can. It is a placement so, I would be open to working in all of the areas of civil engineering to help me decide my preferred area of specialisation in the future.