Sustainable Civil Engineering Design

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Sustainability lies at the heart of responsible civil engineering.

By definition civil engineers work to improve our quality of life, but in doing so they have a duty to subsequent generations to minimise the impacts that civil engineering activities have upon the environment.

Therefore it is vital that sustainability is a core consideration of any civils project – how can the solution be provided in a way that minimises material use, energy consumption, pollution emissions, waste generation, etc?

The Sustainable Civil Engineering Design module seeks to develop within the students a comprehensive awareness of sustainability and the principles that underpin sustainable design and interlink them with all of their engineering skills, technical competencies and knowledge to enable them to produce project proposals that clearly demonstrate a holistic approach to providing engineering solutions.

Students will be required to work in teams, produce a number concept designs and having evaluated the merits of each one, present a final design recommendation. Reference to relevant Statutory Sustainability requirements and appropriate Environmental Assessment Methodologies will be required.

Throughout the delivery of this module students will be encouraged to constantly think about and question how design solutions can be made more sustainable, whilst also appreciating that this emphasis must be undertaken within the wider context of the construction industry.