Student project looks at pilotless, programmable and autonomous vehicles

Antonia Kyriakogkona, BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering.JPG

Antonia Kyriakogkona is in the third year of her BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree. Her final year project, an autonomous vehicle with ultrasonic, optical and hall effect sensors, was featured at the 2015 Engineering Showcase.

The vehicle is capable of detecting obstacles and changing direction accordingly. It can identify and follow a white line, and detect a magnetic field then follow the wire.

Antonia moved to Wales from Greece at the age of 18. Having always been interested in computing and mathematics, Antonia decided to study a course that would allow her to explore technology further, specifically with regard to how things work. She chose her final year project based on the fact that it gave her the opportunity to develop her skills in both hardware and software.

“Doing my third year, final project has been the best part of the course” said Antonia. “It’s really interesting as it could be used as a platform for different things, from toys to factory work. I believe it is the future for vehicles.”