Santino credits Mechanical Engineering course with "bolstering employability"

Santino Petrosillo_50179

Student Santino Petrosillo talks about how BEng Mechanical Engineering has helped to boost his career with a "blend of practical learning, industry engagement and core academic knowledge". 

I'm Santino, a Mechanical Engineering student at USW, and what attracted me to this course was the opportunity to blend practical learning and industry engagement with core academic knowledge. The idea of becoming an engineer is really appealing to me, and this course would help me further understand asset management techniques and manufacturing processes.

My course has not only expanded my knowledge base but also significantly bolstered my employability. Having had exposure to software such as SolidWorks and Ansys for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), I've learned to create intricate designs and conduct detailed analyses. I've also honed my problem-solving and teamwork skills, which are critical for my future engineering role.

USW's support services have been invaluable to me, especially the mentoring program. I’ve had the benefit of support from someone who is already in the industry and has experienced everything I’m currently going through. But it's not just academic engagement that I've valued; being a sociable person, I would highly recommend anyone interested in racing to join the USW Motorsport Society, where I've made many friends who share my interests.

As for my future, I'm looking to make my entry into the steel industry, where I believe my training in operations management will be highly beneficial. My advice to prospective students is to make sure you thoroughly research the course you're considering and then make an informed decision about applying.