Thomas said he became "more employable" through skills gained while studying Mechanical Engineering

Tom McNee_50188

Student Thomas McNee talks about "invaluable" real-world experience while studying BEng Mechanical Engineering

My decision to study at USW was driven by my love for problem-solving and mathematics. I was attracted to the Mechanical Engineering course after an online survey highlighted my preference for practical, solution-oriented tasks. I enjoy building and solving problems, so I suppose it makes sense!

I took a keen interest in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) modelling, a subject I particularly relished studying. Equipped with a personal resin printer, I was able to bring my SOLIDWORKS creations to life. Beyond CAD, my course also furnished me with essential soft skills, such as critical thinking and asset management. Having the ability to use CAD modelling software, solve problems, and think critically, especially in the engineering sector, are skills that make me more employable.

Real-world experience has been invaluable to me, and I gained this through a year-long placement at TATA Steel in Port Talbot. This hands-on exposure not only gave me industry insights but also resulted in a conditional graduate job offer, which I readily accepted. I secured further industry contact during a visit to the BMW MINI factory, where I saw the Just-in-Time model production first-hand, expanding my understanding of operational efficiency.

To prospective students, I highly encourage you to join a group. The course can be challenging to handle on your own, and having a team of like-minded individuals around not only helps you but sharing your knowledge is crucial in the industry.

I advise those who haven't worked in the sector to consider a placement year. It not only showed me what I would be doing but also motivated me as I knew what my goal was. With a clear vision and the right tools obtained from my course, I'm now ready to make my mark in the engineering industry.