Internship in top global company

Konrad - Mechanical Engineering

Konrad Ciechanowski, from Lodz in Poland, is studying BEng Mechanical Engineering. He recently completed a year-long USW placement at GE Aircraft Engine Services in Caerphilly.

"GE’s Nantgarw plant overhauls and tests up to 400 aircraft engines and thousands of components and accessories annually. Their customers consist of airlines from all over the world including Emirates, JAL, American Airlines and EasyJet.

For my internship, I worked as a Quality Engineer in the Quality Control department. Quality plays a pivotal role in the aviation business as there is no place for mistakes when an aircraft carries over 300 people at 35,000ft altitude! 

I had a great time at GE Aviation Wales. Not only I was able to put my technical knowledge into practice but I also attended high-level meetings on regular basis and had the chance to lead these meetings, allowing me to develop soft skills such as presentation and business skills.

The highlights of the placement were successfully leading a cost-out project which resulted in significant cost savings and quality improvements. I also had the opportunity to lead technical investigations to find root causes and identify corrective actions, and perform regular audits in order to maintain the highest quality standards throughout the business repair unit. 

The placement gave me valuable experience that employers will look for - experience that has been gained in one of the best companies in the industry.

I gained a thorough insight into the industry and an understanding of every aspect of the operation here at GE.

What’s more, it reassured me that this is the career path I want to follow. I’m returning to University full of confidence and new knowledge and better equipped to organise my time."