Engineering degrees are not just for men!

Danielle Hargreaves_ Mechanical Engineering

Danielle Hargreaves, from Merthyr Tydfil, did A-Levels in Chemistry, Maths and the Welsh Baccalaureate before choosing a Mechanical Engineering degree at USW.

"I became interested in engineering through my brother, who is a chemical engineer and finds his job interesting, varied and well paid. I also liked maths and science in school, so a mechanical engineering degree seemed like a good choice.

I am really enjoying the student experience and meeting new people with different backgrounds but with the same interests and ambitions as me. My career aim is to become a project engineer and a mechanical engineering degree will help me build the skill set required for this career.

For me, learning about the 3D and 2D design software has been the most valuable aspect of the engineering course. My favourite practical sessions have been using Solid Works (design software). This software is very important to an engineer so knowing how to use it is a real advantage.

I would recommend a mechanical engineering degree to anyone who is enthusiastic about maths and science, particularly chemistry and physics. All too often, young women do not consider engineering as a career route, but I would urge young girls in school to look into it. Engineering is a highly rewarding profession with plenty of job opportunities and it’s perfect for everyone who enjoys maths and applying maths to physical problems."