I'm confident I'll make a great engineer

Bethany Jones - Mechanical Engineering Student - Network 75

Bethany Jones, from Poole, enjoyed a mechanical engineering school taster session so much, she knew she wanted to learn more.

"I had just begun my final year in sixth form, when my Physics teacher invited a local company to come in and demonstrate a project which was on the same line as the Formula Student. The project immediately interested me and I wanted to learn all the hands-on practical elements and really "get my nerd on". It was at this point I started thinking seriously about pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. 

I chose to study at USW because of the Network75 route. The route meant I could work at a company and gain five years worth of experience while studying and accessing campus life. Not only that, but all of my tuition fees are paid for, which was a real bonus! For the five years, I worked at GE Aviation not far from the University's Treforest site. I wanted to spread out my studies over the five years because I thought this route would make me a better engineer, when I graduate university with a high-level of experience.

I've enjoyed every minute of my degree so far. I've loved seeing how much my understanding and skills have grown. If someone said thermodynamics to me at the beginning, I would not have had a clue what they were on about, but now, I'm confident I can apply what I've been taught to the workplace and to different situations. 

Most of all, I couldn't ask for better lecturers. There is always someone around to support you, no problem is too big or small. The lecturers have always said their door is open."