I have dealt with every emergency situation imaginable

Bridie Jones

Lecturer Bridie Jones has been a registered nurse for 25 years and spent the majority of her clinical life in Emergency Medicine.

"I was a clinician in Emergency Department for 12 years before I came here to teach nursing. There’s no average day in ED! You see many different patients with a range of conditions and illnesses. It is interesting and very fast paced. 

Because of my background, I have dealt with every emergency situation imaginable, from minor injury to multiple traumas, and I use that knowledge in simulation training and in class.

Most students are terrified by emergency situations. Through clinical simulation, we teach them how to respond if someone becomes acutely unwell in front of them.

We use various scenarios such as cardiac arrest and sepsis, using the mannequins. Simulation allows them to make mistakes, reflect and learn from them. It’s as much about building confidence and it is clinical skills."