Students experience Boeing 747 flight simulator at Caerdav Training

USW final-year students, studying BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, visited South Wales’ Caerdav Training facility as part of the training they receive during the course. During their visit, they experienced a Boeing 747 flight simulator. We caught up with Junayed Hoque, Hillary Muparamoto and Nasser Al-Aisri who shared their experiences with us.

Junayed Hoque

“When I attended Caerdav Training, I found out about the fundamentals of the Boeing 747, aircraft. Through the experience, I’ve seen what we’ve covered in the first and second year of the course, applied to the real world.

During the exercise, group work was essential. In pairs, we sat in the pilot seats. Our lecturer instructed us about how to start the plane, including which buttons we needed to use.”

Hillary Muparamoto

“We learnt how to start the aircraft from a dead battery, how to power the APU and the engines, and we got to taxi the aircraft around the airport grounds to get a feel for how it operates. We have a similar facility at the Treforest Campus but visiting Caerdav Training facilities has been one of the best experiences ever!

The exercise was really helpful as it’s an opportunity to experience the practical elements of what we study in the lectures. It will help me in my career as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I would highly encourage other students to come and try the facilities and learn how to operate the aircraft.”

Nasser Al-Aisri

“I love everything about aircraft maintenance as it gives you the chance to work around aircraft, it’s engines, in an airport environment. USW is a unique provider for aircraft maintenance engineering as it combines a university degree with a EASA Part 66 and GCAA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence.

This opportunity will further our knowledge of what to find in a cockpit, procedures for turning on engines, using controls, and taxiing on the runway. What we learnt will help us with our exams and in the workplace.”