Jia built his confidence and contacts at British Airways

Jia Sheng Tan - AME student on placement at BA Glasgow

Jia Sheng Tan, from Penang in Malaysia, is studying the BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering degree. In his second year, Jia did a five-week placement at British Airways, working mainly in British Airways Maintenance Glasgow (BAMG).

Why did you choose to do a placement?
I wanted to do the accelerated license program (Part 147 training) and get live aircraft maintenance experience to improve my practical hand skills. I chose to do my training at Glasgow as BAMG is a base maintenance of short haul major maintenance facility, which does heavier maintenance - eg ‘C’ checks. 

How was it?
British Airways was a great place to do my placement. I gained practical skills in aircraft maintenance and more knowledge about a range of aircraft systems. I worked on the Airbus 319-100, 320-200 and 321-200 type aircraft that came in for schedule maintenance. 

Describe what you did on placement
Basically, get my hands dirty trying to replace and repair aircraft! I also did inspections and troubleshooting as described in the task cards in accordance with relevant aircraft maintenance manual (AMM) along with the licensed engineer and mechanics/technicians. 

What did you enjoy about it? 
The staff were really friendly and always willing to talk me through what they were doing, and involve me where they could. This improved my knowledge and understanding. 

How will this placement help your career? 
The experience and contacts I have developed as a result of the placement at British Airways will hopefully be a stepping stone in to the industry.