"I am confident that this course will open a wide range of career prospects"

Pooja Umashankar_50154

Pooja Thathsarani Umashankar talks about how she achieved "in-depth knowledge" of aviation while studying BSc Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 

I chose USW for its outstanding reputation in aerospace and aircraft maintenance. Like everyone else, I wanted to study in the best place possible to get the best education possible. The hands-on nature of the Aircraft Maintenance degree has been instrumental in advancing my interest in the mechanics of aircraft, leaving me thrilled to learn about their ins and outs.

The in-depth knowledge taught by my lecturers from the aviation industry, and the practical experience gained in real working environments, are two key aspects that I believe will enhance my employability. I valued the opportunity to learn from industry experts, both from my lecturers and guest speakers, as we have had some guest lecturers hold small seminars for a couple of modules in our course.

My practical learning has involved the usage of industrial-standard equipment and digital Aircraft Maintenance Manuals, which I believe gives us a head start in our employment in the future. However, the course has also allowed our learning journey to extend beyond the classroom, with field trips to places like RAF Cosford. This experience provided me with invaluable insight into the evolution of war aircraft up until WW2.

Aiming to become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with a B1 license, I attribute my readiness for this ambition to the comprehensive education and training provided by USW. I enthusiastically encourage anyone considering this course and I am confident that choosing this course will open a wide range of career prospects which will secure your future.