We live in a world run by computers

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James John is one of the first students to study the University’s new BSc (Hons) Applied Cyber Security course at the National Cyber Security Academy in Newport. He reveals how he came to be interested in this growing industry and why he chose the University of South Wales.

Why study cyber security?

“The world we live in is run by computers. They store so much personal data, such as names, addresses, bank account details, medical records and so on, and unfortunately, in the wrong hands, this can be disastrous.

“Even though it’s been given the ‘Hollywood treatment’, it was after seeing the film, Die Hard 4, where the hacker takes control of America's televisions and phone lines, that cyber security became something I've been keen to learn about.”
Why USW?

“In comparison with other universities in Wales and the south west, the University of South Wales offers the best course content with the employment rates to show for it. For me, these two factors, coupled with the stunning location in the Welsh valleys made it an easy decision.

“The University of South Wales is the largest in Wales and this can be easily seen by the variety of courses available to study and the facilities for these courses – be it a moot court room or a specialist computer forensics laboratory. Also, having an on-site Students’ Union, full sports complex and great student support really makes the University stand out.”

What are you most looking forward to?

“The opportunity to be on this pilot scheme is extremely exciting, as it's the first of its kind in the country! It's not very often opportunities like this will come around and from all the build-up so far, from the launch at Newport City Campus to attending the Digital 16 conference at the Celtic Manor Resort, there’s a great buzz around it and I'm lucky enough to be right in the centre of it all.

“It’s also a fantastic opportunity to get to know people who could one day be your potential employers, this really gives you a boost when leaving university and going into the workplace. Getting to do real work as well as learning about subjects, will help my CV stand out when applying for a job.”
What’s your dream career?

“My dream career is to be a computer security/forensics specialist working for either the government or the police.

“I do feel this course will help me get there. The fact that you could be working with your potential future employer on this course is such a great opportunity and needs to be taken full advantage of.”

James John is pictured on the right.