Why I’m studying cyber security: I want to prevent crime

Stephanie Beech_Cyber

Stephanie Beech is studying BSc (Hons) Applied Cyber Security course at the National Cyber Security Academy in Newport. 

Why did you decide to study this area?
"I chose to study computer forensics and cyber security because I’ve always found the subject of computers interesting – they are constantly changing and there’s so many different areas of cyber security. I also really enjoy the fact that by doing my course I can not only help find evidence of a crime but I can help to prevent it. "

"I studied IT at A-level, which has provided me with a basic knowledge of computing. I remember my teacher telling me about the different sides to computing and, more specifically, the types of computer crimes out there. This sparked my interest in the subject as I realised that by going down this path I could not only do something that I enjoyed but it would also open up different routes related to computing. If there are any projects relating to cryptography then my maths A-level will help me with that too."

What were your first impressions of the University?

"When I first went to view USW I instantly knew that it was the university that I wanted to go to. They had a lot of computer equipment that interested me and I also liked the atmosphere. The staff were really friendly, easy to talk to and have a laugh with. This helped me decide on USW because I find that if you are in a nice environment and if the lecturers are easy to talk to, you will do better in your studies. Not only will you be happy and have a good time but you’ll also find it easy to ask for help from a lecturer if you’re struggling."

What do you enjoy?
"I enjoy developing links with industries and gaining knowledge that I wouldn’t necessarily get in a classroom or until I graduate. I'm able to find out specifically what industries are looking for and learn from those who already have a job in the cyber sector. Working with industry partners also helps me develop the connections that I’ll need to get a job when I graduate. The course gives me experience in different fields relating to computing and has shown me sides to computing that I haven’t seen before."

"Overall I believe that I’m not only gaining knowledge on computer-related topics, I am also gaining skills such as how to react with industry partners, how to meet project deadlines efficiently, etc. This will help me in the future as it will allow me to interact with employers and meet the demands of the job efficiently."

What’s your dream career?
"I would love to work with the crime side of computing – whether in the police or MI5/6. This will allow me to help solve computer crime and develop ways to prevent it."