Fahad Malik's USW experience as a Cyber Security student

Cyber Security Graduate Fahad Malik.png

Fahad Malik is a recent graduate of our BSc (Hons) Applied Cyber Security here at USW. As a mature student, Fahad found that he was supported greatly by the team and had many opportunities to better his education. Here, he reflects on his time at USW.

"I started my BSc (Hons) Applied Cybersecurity degree programme in 2018 as a mature student with passion and determination to be successful and to enhance my higher education. Throughout my three years at the University of South Wales, I was massively supported by the wonderful NCSA team. The degree programme provided solid academic grounding, technical skills and guidance in all aspects of cybersecurity to pave way for a successful career within the realm of information security and cyber defence. The course introduced numerous career dimensions and served as a stepping-stone towards specialisation in blue team operations within a SOC environment as a tier-1 analyst. Additionally, the course opened up exciting possibilities to further enhance learning and gain more professional certifications to kick start a successful career in penetration testing and the red team or the offensive security side of the cyber world.

"Over the past three years at the university, I attended numerous lunch & learn events, industry presentations, workshops, sessions by the industry experts with a focus on career development, the current state of affairs in the cybersecurity industry, cyberspace and an exciting insight into the countless career opportunities. One of the lunch & learn sessions arranged by the university played a pivotal role in securing a cybersecurity position. I would highly recommend attending the lunch & learn sessions as they can potentially open up a door to your future career and an opportunity to gain valuable experience.  

"I would like to especially thank Eric Llewellyn for his wonderful help, support and guidance throughout my time at the university and particularly during the last three months of my final year. The entire staff team at the NCSA are exceptionally helpful, understanding, supportive and amazing people to spend your three long years at the university."

“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.” – Steve Jobs