Jordan has set up his own cafe and food delivery service

Jordan Wenzel - Munchies owner and USW graduate

Jordan graduated from USW in 2017 with a degree in BSc (Hons) Banking, Finance and Investment (Top-Up).

He has gone on to set up a successful Cardiff-based food delivery company called 'Munchies' and is now branching out into the cafe scene with a new cafe that makes 'everything with cheese'!

The business was originally started from his student house in Cardiff in February 2017. "I offered a weekend delivery service of freshly baked sweet treats. I then took a short break to finish my exams and get the restaurant ready and here I am!"

"Theres no real simple way to describe my role in the business, but I make all the recipes, cook all the recipes, design the restaurant, design graphics and make sure my 4 staff members are okay! If I’m honest the best thing is I am my own boss!"

"We’ve only just started with the restaurant but when we were a delivery service we sold out most weekends."

On choosing to study BSc (Hons) Banking, Finance and Investment, "everything revolves around money so regardless of what I wanted to do I knew the skills I’d learn would be transferrable. I was also attracted to fact the campus was in Cardiff City Centre."

"My qualification has helped me assess how well my business is performing as well as make educated decisions when it comes to funding ect. In the first two years of my course I did two 15 week placements - the first one at a independent financial advisors (an IFA) and the second at a high street bank. The most valuable thing I learnt from the IFA is that I never want to go to work in an office and suit. I really enjoyed my placement in the bank as it was very customer focused and they did offer me a chance to go back - however I declined for a summer job in London (organising bars at street food venues) which has come in very useful regarding setting up the business."

Munchies is located on Crwys Road in Cardiff. You can find out more about the business online (even try one of their delicious looking treats!).