Cypriot student Aliki talks about studying Biology in Wales

Brecon Beacons

Aliki Kadi from Cyprus is studying BSc (Hons) Biology.
My decision to study biology is based on the fact that it is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, and plays such an important part in our lives. I am really enjoying learning and understanding how clever the human body is!

I decided to study at the University of South Wales because it is a well-known University and the course content really attracted me. There is a good variety of modules and I have the opportunity to learn outdoors in different areas of Wales. I came to study in the UK because I wanted to gain experience and knowledge that will enhance my employability. By studying in the UK you have the ability to work in any country all over the world.

During my first year at the University I was interested in the module Microbiology. I learnt about many illnesses and their effect on the human body. I also enjoyed the module Experimental Design. I learnt something new and really useful – the SPSS program which is important for biologists. Biologists have the ability to write down their results from their experiments and present them via graphs.

Also the practicals in Microbiology were really useful because I gained knowledge about separate, measuring and recognising different bacterial via microscope.

My degree contains great fieldtrips and in the module of Ecology, we have the opportunity to work outdoors, for example to measure the river flow and also to observe the different levels of the soil. In my opinion these field trips are really useful because you learn to work under pressure and in harsh conditions like rain and cold temperatures. You also learn to work with other people, so you gain team working experience.

I believe my greatest achievement at the University is the improvement in my English language. I can communicate competently with my professors and my fellow students. I have also learnt more about my character, for example the fact that I can work in harsh conditions such as the cold temperature and also work as a team and respect the opinions of others.

When I finish my degree in Biology I would like to do a Masters degree in either human illness, like cancer or to study about the human nervous system. In addition, I would like to travel and work in laboratories in different countries and learn to think globally.

The best advice I can give to people who are thinking about studying Biology is to be ready to withstand anything because this course has many surprises. Also I would like to tell them that if you find the course difficult you should never give up. You have to study and work hard on a daily basis, because Biology is a beautiful and interesting subject that contains the story of the human, animal and plant evolution.