Habitat surveys, laboratory work, dissections and diving

Natalie Lamb Biology student

Natalie Lamb, from Bromyard in Herefordshire, graduated from the BSc (Hons) Biology in 2014. She is now doing an MSc by Research in Cryptosporidium at Cranfield University, sponsored by Anglian Water.

"I loved how the varied nature of my course allowed me to delve into my passions and focus on whatever interests I had at the time. I acquired a real depth of understanding concerning all aspects of Biology, from the tiniest conceivable aspect of medical microbiology to the zoology of all vertebrates on Earth.
The lecturers gave us every opportunity to experience the theoretical knowledge of the course in a real-life setting.

We went on field trips to The National Botanic Garden of Wales, The Taf Fechan Nature Reserve, The Danau Girang Field Centre, The Dive Down Below Centre, to name just a few.

The trips involved lots of practical work such as habitat surveys, laboratory work, dissections and animal behavioral studies. No matter what the subject matter was, the lecturers always made sure you could relate it to what is going on in the world today.

My advice to people considering this course is to take every opportunity you see and run with it.

If you have been asked to thrust your hand in to a tank full of crickets, wade into a river with a net and wellies up to your armpits or to capture a monitor lizard and hold it up high for a photo, do it.

These are the moments you will remember ten or twenty years down the line. These are the moments you think about when you are on that Graduation stage clutching your roll of paper, gazing down at the people you have spent the best three years of your life with.

Make these moments yourself. Do it!"